4th Gambling Portal Attacked

Although full details are not yet to hand, posts at the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) forum indicate that a fourth online gambling information website may have come under distributed denial of service attack.
The latest site to be taken down is the Australian based Gambling-gazette.com, which was disabled last week but was successfully revived, only to go offline again this week. Details are awaited on the incident due to communication difficulties with the webmaster.
The attack follows DDoS assaults over last weekend which saw Casinomeister.com, Online Casino Reviewer.com and the Online Players Union.com websites disabled for varying periods of time. The webmasters involved report that the attacks appear to be vindictive rather than extortionate, as no attempts to demand ransoms have been received.
Common factors in the first three assaults appear to be the lack of sophistication, using rapidly rotating IPs with a large number of db error emails generated through Fast Trac Traffic Builder.com. The geographic spread of the targets is also interesting – Germany, the UK, the US and now Australia.