Biggest #eSports Tournament Prize Ever

Dota 2 team gets $9.1 million for winning The International 2016.
In what is being hailed on eSports sites as the biggest yet tournament prize, the Wings Gaming Dota 2 team from China has picked up $9.1 million for its triumph in the 2016 International tournament.
Wings met and defeated the Digital Chaos team in the final in a surprise victory for one of the least favoured to win teams after in-game buyers boosted the $1.5 million Valve guarantee on the competition by an impressive $19.21 million to eclipse the 2015 record on the same event by well over a million dollars.
Digital Chaos, weakened by an exodus of top players lured away by other teams in the run-up to the big event, claimed the second prize of $3.4 million.