DraftKings Game Integrity and Ethics Team

Integrity and Ethics Team starts with a set of guidelines.
Daily fantasy sports market leader DraftKings has announced the formation of a Game Integrity and Ethics Team which will be responsible for ensuring that action on the site is at all time fair and ethical.
The move follows a similar initiative by rival FanDuel, which launched a bill of rights for players a week ago.
One of the first activities of the DraftKings team has been to issue a set of community guidelines for players, which include bans on:
* Team-building a lineup, or a set of complementary lineups which serve to work together, to execute a strategy that may create any unfair advantage over individual play… in other words collusion;
* Any use of pre-built lineups purchased from 3rd party websites or engaging in the sale of such lineups;
* Entering the maximum number of entries in a contest, type of contest, or event, and having a 3rd party, regardless of their relationship, put in additional entries for a player;
* Having another fantasy sports player enter a players lineup in a contest against an opponent that has blocked a member from competing.

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