Easy Rider SLot

Wednesday February 19,2014 : EASY SLIDER FROM NEXTGEN
Gritty motorbike riding genre in latest slot
NextGen Gaming development studio has released its latest offering, a 25-line 5-reel video slot titled "Easy Slider".
The American style Rock and Roll motorbike-themed video slot plays on the iconic movie "Easy Rider" and is accompanied by an original rock-themed soundtrack, a unique SlideaWild feature, stacked wilds and 15 free games with multipliers up to X12.
Slide a Wild™ is a NextGen patented game feature where the player has manual control over the placement and behaviour of certain symbols, in this case the wild symbol.  The player effectively sets their own game volatility for play at their preferred style.
Other features include anticipation-building animation and sound as a Full Stack of Wilds is about to land, Scatter Whizz by triggered after 2 scatters land which adds a longer reel spin and highlights the scatters on any remaining reels with Flame Trails as they whizz by.