Experianacquires 192business Limited

192business deal completed
International information services provider Experian has confirmed that its acquisition of the online ID verification company, 192business Limited, has been completed for an undisclosed consideration.
A spokesman for Experian said the new acquisition will form part of Experian’s Decision Analytics business line. He added that 192business will further enhance the range of identity verification and fraud prevention services Experian is able to offer clients, and strengthens its position across a number of rapidly growing vertical markets in the UK.
Launched in 2002, 192business helps organisations to verify and manage the identity of their customers online in order to minimise fraud and risk. Increasing regulation, the rise in fraud globally, growth in e-commerce sales and the move from traditional offline identity checks to online checks are all contributing to growth in the identity verification market.
192business provides organisations with identity verification, including personal data verification, fraud screening, online document verification and voice verification.