Fish Party SNGs 2.0 Launching


With new maths model.

Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) have updated their Fish Party SNGs, using customer feedback as their lead, since the products initial launch earlier this year.

The MPN team have applied a new, more bottom heavy, maths model in which players will hit the lowest (2x) multiplier less often, but hit a 4x or 6x multiplier more often (the 4x multiplier replaces the 3x multiplier of the current maths model).

The company believes the changes, effective today (Wednesday) will result in a much improved ROI for skilled players but that the average jackpot size will decrease as the progressive jackpot will increase less quickly.

In addition MPN will be adding Fish Party to their mobile and desktop browser platforms in early 2017.

A look at the difference between the two maths models can be accessed here: