July 1 was a good day for Florida poker players

In Florida, a new law effective on July 1st eased buy-in restrictions for no-limit poker games in card rooms and extended playing hours.
The law lifts a maximum $100 restriction on buy-in for cash games at state-sanctioned poker rooms. High-stakes games will become legal at 23 poker rooms run by horse and dog tracks and jai alai frontons. The new law also will let the Seminole Tribe lift limits at its seven casinos, including the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.
Tournaments were previously held to a $1,000 maximum buy-in, but that restriction has also been removed. Many analysts believe that move opens the door for televised tournaments played by poker professionals to take place in the state of Florida.
Operating hours have been extended at pari mutuel rooms to 18 hours Sunday through Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. Seminole casinos have permission to operate 24-hour card room and therefore remain unchanged.
Card rooms in Tampa and Daytona Beach will be open around the clock from Friday morning until Sunday morning.