Gamble Aware in the UK has redesigned its website

Posted 3/14/11 : New website funded from GREaT contributions
The responsible gambling charity Gamble Aware in the UK has redesigned its website, which provides information about gambling in the UK, and how to get advice for gambling related problems.
British government minister, John Penrose, said this week that he welcomed the re-launch of the site, commenting: “It's important those who gamble do so responsibly and that information and help are readily available for the small minority who encounter problems. The Gamble Aware website has an important role to play in achieving this, and may well be the first port of call for someone seeking help.”
The website is funded by the GREaT (Gambling, Research, Education, and Treatment) Foundation, and an editorial panel comprising of representatives from the gambling industry, the Gamcare charity, and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board will meet regularly to oversee its content.