Survey That Shows When People Prefer to Gamble

Thursday July 23,2015  : WHEN DO YOU PREFER TO GAMBLE?
Ladbrokes survey shows some interesting changes.
The Ladbrokes online and land gambling group has published the results of a player survey it carried out to establish the most popular days on which punters tend to gamble.
The results show that Monday evening after 6pm is currently the most popular time for online gaming, a noticeable switch from the case in 2014, when a similar survey concluded that Friday evening between 8pm and 9pm was the most popular time to game online.
The study has also illustrated the power of the mobile channel, with 13 percent of respondents saying they have gambled while on a date; 11 percent during a wedding; and 13 percent during a christening.
Around 35 percent admitted to gambling online whilst at work.