Gaming 101 National Council of Legislators

With the membership of state legalizations set for change following the US elections, a practical move to bring lawmakers up to speed on internet gambling.
The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States annual gathering in January will attempt to get new lawmakers up to speed on internet gambling with a "Gaming 101" module, according to the publication South Florida Reporter.
With state legislative bodies welcoming new lawmakers after the elections this year such a service is necessary to enable newbie legislators to educate themselves in areas which may previously have been unfamiliar.
Its an important initiative for both lawmakers and the gambling industry, said Michael Pollock, the m.d. of Spectrum Gaming Group, which manages the NCLGS:
“Let’s face it, the shape of an industry in any state ultimately depends on how the state legislatures craft that industry,” he observed. “They are the ultimate arbiters.”
The module will contain information suitable for freshmen to those who are joining gaming committees and those whose states are opening casinos.
“It’s also important for legislators who simply want to make sure they are staying abreast of the trends in gaming,” the Spectrum executive told the SFR.
National Council of Legislators from Gaming States was formed a decade ago and meets to discuss and identify issues. The delegates then return to their home states and districts and potentially shape policies that get their constituents the best benefits.
This year Pollock says that delegates should pay attention to sports betting, online gambling and the convergence of lotteries, but traditionally delegates discuss a wide ranging of gambling-related issues that includes what to tax and at what rate, responsible gambling and consumer protection, and tribal gaming. Other subjects on this years agenda include gaming expansion, pari-mutuels, and the impact of technology.
This years gathering is scheduled for January 6 – 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference is open to the public via the website.