Low key launch makes it hard for customers to find their way online
Georgia State law makers historically have long opposed any form of gambling expansion but fiscal difficulties in tough economic times makes for less resistance as the State approved its online lottery sales programme in August this year saying moving with the times would engage younger generations and increase its customer base.
That approval came to fruition this week with the launch of Georgia State Lottery's online ticket sales but its seemingly low key launch had customers not being able to find the option on the Georgia Lottery's website eventually prompting the lottery to issue a statement with a link to mygalottery.com
Coinciding with the launch of online ticket sales was the launch of the Georgia Lottery's new debit card initially developed for online use but expected to eventually expand to the retail sector too.
The "iHope" card allows players to make deposits, buy tickets and have any winnings credited to the card's account
Only Powerball, Mega Millions and Fantasy 5 tickets are available for purchase online at present.