Global Gaming and Betting Consultants 2016 Online Gambling Predictions

Global Betting and Gambling Consultants gives its take on the year ahead.
The Isle of Man-based Global Gaming and Betting Consultants has published its annual exercise in gambling crystal ball gazing, predicting that 2016 will see:
* No change in US federal law and little progress at state level on internet gambling legalization
* In 2016, nine years on from the global financial crisis, Las Vegas will still not be back to its 2007 peak.
* Tax increases and regulatory developments in  Europe will impact profitability but little action to mitigate operator losses is expected. There is the possibility that these factors will cause operators to give up on markets or move to places like Curacao and Costa Rica and target Europe from those jurisdictions, something that is already happening with France. That means that affiliate marketing will be back in favour.
* Macau revenues will stabilise at a lower level than today, but the completion of the Zhuhai Bridge is the key to growth.
* Legislative process to expand gambling in Brazil will continue.
* In India, e-commerce entrepreneurs are likely to seek offshore licences to form sports betting markets for cricket, horse racing, with online casino gaming to follow.