Google Glasses For Online Gambling

Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. is betting on it.
The latest trend in augmented eye-wear and the imminent release of such products from Google and Apple has already attracted bans from strip clubs, casinos and cinemas, according to the entertainment media, but technology provider Infinity Augmented Reality remains confident that the eye-wear heralds a new and "next generation" way to experience online gambling.
The company has announced that it is in developmental stages for just such a product, having cut its teeth on the development of high tech software and hardware applications for augmented reality platforms including eyewear being developed by Google, Apple and others.
The company claims: "Using specially equipped eyewear, virtual images, video, and sound are superimposed for the user over what is actually seen and heard, heightening the real-life experience with additional information that is pertinent, informative, practical, and/or entertaining.
"The individual user may also be fully immersed in a virtual world, temporarily blocking out real surroundings. With augmented reality, sensory inputs are no longer limited to what is within eyeshot or earshot, but may incorporate, in real-time, all that the network has to offer."
Translating that to the world of online gambling is a practical proposition, says the company, which believes that new augmented reality (AR) eyewear, in combination with Infinity AR technology will offer an online gambling experience that was not possible to experience before.
In combination with 360 degree camera technology, players will enjoy the gambling experience as if they were in the room with the dealer and fellow players, company spokesmen claimed Tuesday.
"This new format for playing will take the stagnant style of online gaming, transforming it to dynamically experiencing the game. Online gambling and entertainment software and hardware applications present a major opportunity for Infinity AR," said a statement from the technology firm.
Infinity has been spurred to increase the tempo of its AR development by the growing trend toward state-legalised online gambling in the United States, where Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada are all heading the charge toward a more liberated pastime, with other states like California seriously considering the prospect.
Infinity AR's chief executive, Avrohom Oratz, said Tuesday: "Casinos have spent billions of dollars building fascinating structures to entice and lure gamblers and their families to their destinations. The Venetian, Bellagio, and Wynn are among the most premier gambling destinations in the world offering the ultimate gambling experiences.”
Oratz says that online gambling lacks the true ambience of land casinos and needs to have “the wow factor” to generate a more exciting and enjoyable experience.
“The applications of yesterday won't hack it. The economics of this industry have us very excited and we want to be a significant vendor to gamers and gaming companies," he said.
Companies like Google and Lumus are in the process of developing augmented reality glasses that will change the way users see and interact with the world.
Infinity AR plans to use its augmented reality applications through these glasses or through other mobile devices such as smart phones.
As the individual turns his or her head in various directions and looks at different people or objects through the eyewear, the sights that are overlaid shift accordingly. The eyewear incorporates speakers that add virtual sounds to the overall experience, as well as microphones that capture and interpret the user's spoken commands through speech recognition technology in order to summon desired information and actions.