Friday July 22,2011 : But passing the online gambling provisions could bring the Government into conflict with the European Commission
The Greek Government has reportedly rolled its new gambling proposals into a must pass financial bill, but the pass of the bill, and therefore the gambling aspects could bring the Government into conflict with the European Commission.
The Greek Government proposals for online gambling ran afoul of the European Commission earlier this year  and technically if the Government implements the new gambling laws despite the European Commission's objections it could be hauled up on infringement charges and find itself in front of the European Court of Justice. reports unnamed sources who claim that the Greek parliament's upcoming agenda includes a vote on the draft law, which has been conveniently tucked into an omnibus finance bill scheduled for approval from 5-8 August.  The European Commission is presumably watching these developments with interest.
"The [Greek] government is leaving itself exposed to complaints and infringement proceedings afterwards if they decide not to make the much-needed changes," a spokesperson for Betfair said.
"Greece may well think that [the gambling plans] are part of a wider range of things which Europe is pushing them forward on. Our chances of getting them to slow it down are pretty slim," said Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the Remote Gambling Association.