Green Gambling

Singapore students use the pull of gambling to spread the environmental message
Students from the National University of Singapore are using the pull of gambling to showcase their conservation of the environment information campaign, devising casino-inspired concepts such as roulette and slot jackpots to raise awareness on climate change.
Their ‘Climate Casino' is an interactive exhibition forming part of the university's month-long green carnival organised by a group known as SAVE, or Students against the Violation of the Earth.
In the roulette element of the campaign, players strive to accumulate as many positive messages as possible to win, whilst the slot game uses four representative nations and their involvement in environmental conservation across the reels.
A spokesman this week said that the aim of the climate casino is to illustrate the detrimental consequences of adopting lifestyles that will hurt the environment.
"We came up with this concept of climate casino, where players gamble with nature, and bet with their future," he said.