G-Sports debuts with the game Road Redemption

G-Sports debuts with the game Road Redemption.
Land, online and mobile gambling publisher Gamblit Gaming has debuted in the burgeoning eSports sector, unveiling its new eSports platform branded G-Sports with the hit PC and console game Road Redemption.
The initial focus of the new product appears to be on land casino operators.
Gamblit has created an innovative construct that makes eSports accessible for slot floor operators as a tangible way to monetise the global eSports phenomenon. Gamblit TriStations can be converted to G-Sports with a controller bringing hit mainstream PC/console games onto the casino floor.
The games are not gamblified but a set fee for entry is charged on a time-based tournament. Players compete and rank on a leaderboard that is updated in real-time with top players being rewarded at the end with cash prizes.
The acclaimed driving combat game Road Redemption is the first game to be featured on the G-Sports platform. Players compete with rival biker gangs in a post-apocalyptic America with prizes awarded to the highest scores on the leaderboard – bringing a fun, competitive spirit into casinos.
"G-Sports allows casinos to appeal to more of the midcore gaming market with the ability to organize events around a popular game with tournaments scheduled at flexible intervals," a launch statement from Gamblit claims.