New Vermont Gambling Bill H186

Governor interested in online gambling
A new bill H.186, introduced by Representative Clem Bissonnette (D- Chittenden 6-7) into the Vermont General Assembly, is seeking to establish the Vermont Gaming Commission (VGC).
The short, one-page text under "purpose of bill introduced" says the bill proposes to establish the VGC to license, regulate and manage gambling and gaming activities in Vermont, including the operation of poker halls and home poker games.
Readers will recall in September last year, Governor Shumlin tasked the existing Vermont Lottery Commission to investigate the possibilities of online gambling at a State level.
A favourable report on the opportunities to raise tax revenues from online gambling could generate funds for the Vermont state education fund, the governor said at the time.
"Internet lottery is going to be the wave of the future. I'm not suggesting that we won't sell tickets and I want to sell tickets because it's good for our downtown stores," said Shumlin. "But we also have to recognize that the technology is taking us to the Internet and the question is… what's the role of the Internet in our lottery for Vermont in the future. And we don't have to hurry but we better figure it out."
The Vermont Lottery Commission was expected to issue a special report on Internet gambling to the Legislature in January 2013