House Financial Services Committee member may have let something slip
Although there have been no official announcements on marking up Barney Frank's bill HR2267, an almost throw-away comment by Republican Congressman John Campbell during yesterday's House Financial Services Committee hearing indicates that a mark-up in preparation for a vote may be imminent.
HR2267 is a bi-partisan attempt to legalise and regulate online gambling in the United States, and Campbell was noticeable in his support for the bill, along with 69 other co-sponsors.
The politician remarked during the hearing: “I don’t gamble. I don’t partake in it, but freedom is not about legislating what I like to do. Freedom is about allowing Americans to do what they want to do.”
However, it was Campbell's perhaps inadvertent comment towards the end of proceedings that attracted attention, when he said he would be offering a an amendment "next week during a mark-up hearing" on the use of advanced technologies in HR2267, and loss limits for players.