Egyptian Solitare

Posted By Lenny S on 12/26/10 : A new divertissement for iPhone fans
The Indian software developer i-Lifemobitech has launched a new iPhone-iPad app with an ancient Egyptian pyramid theme to keep fans on the move entertained.
Pyramid Solitaire is a challenging pyramid solitaire game in which 28 cards are dealt out on the table, face up, in the form of a pyramid. The dealing begins with one top card, then two cards placed directly underneath that card, slightly covering the top card. Dealing continues until 28 cards have been dealt out and there is a row of seven cards on the bottom row.
The goal is to pair up the entire deck of cards and have all of the cards used.
i-Lifemobitech's offering features crisp vector graphics and a range of entertaining sound effects, along with multiplayer capability for those who want to make the game a competitive experience.
"Egyptian Solitaire is a challenging pyramid game were logical thinking is needed to successfully complete the game play," says the company's md Anil Reddy.