Tennis Spectator Suspected of Illegal Gambling Booted

Taking advantage of time lag to place bets
Following a similar incident last week, a New Zealand man was reportedly kicked out of the Heineken Open Tournament in Auckland this week after officials observed him using a hand held device during the tournament, reports New Zealand media services.
The Tennis Integrity Unit has launched an investigation into the incident suspecting the spectator of taking advantage of the few seconds time lag that occurs with internet scoring or live television.
Tom Barnes, ATP Tour supervisor said: “We see them; all of us look for that. We’ve been trained in how to spot these people. We don’t want to be tarnished with the brush that people are cheating in that way and people assume that it’s something we’re doing that’s causing that. This is our way of trying to protect the integrity of the sport.”
The two spectators in separate incidents are likely to be known by the ATP Tour added Barnes: "It’s almost as if it’s a career opportunity for some people. They show up everywhere.”