Last weekend a new gambling website entered the fray; Nothing new here right? Well perhaps, but this site is dedicating a lot of time and effort to becoming known for have some of the best gambling articles on the Internet.

Take this article on USA casinos for example. It has a whole host of information for those visiting of travelling around America and want to play at some casinos. Before we keep going and make this into an infomercial, I’d like to show you a couple of pages that took my interest.

The first one is the Macau casinos page. I haven’t read any article on the Internet that goes into this much detail on the best casinos in Macau to play at. The last article I want to show you is their poker guide. This has over 3500 words and is a perfect article to read for beginners.

It goes through a brief history of poker, why you should play poker, the different kind of poker games available and how you learn to play poker. This website is still in its infancy, and the owner assures me big things are planned for this website.

Hundreds more pages are coming, along with a brand spanking new design that will knock your socks off. Now go check out!