Internet poker outfit spamming players

Internet poker outfit spamming players…but was it smart to associate with this brand?
If you were an online casino operator trying to drum up business with an "acquired" player database, you would be unlikely to associate yourself with a brand that carries an historically dubious background, yet that is what the Merge poker site Walker Poker was doing this week.
Players reported receiving unwanted spam emails from the company with the subject title ‘ultimate bet USA' and the salutation "Dear UB/AP player."
The email went on to welcome US players and offered various promos to attract them, but a bad experience is something that sticks in a player's memory, and the reaction amongst many was to shy clear for fear of being burned.
Walker Poker has been around for some time, with the owner – according to internet scuttlebutt – previously associated with another brand that has come in for a fair amount of criticism, Wingows Poker.
Speculation regarding how Walker Poker obtained the contact addresses of players who claim never to have played on the site was inevitable, with some old hands recalling claims in the past that UB/AP player data was stolen.
Others surmised that UB/AP itself may have sold its player details, but the truth of the matter is that only Walker Poker knows….and it's doubtful that they will be talking.