69 percent of Iowa do not want internet gambling

Most recent poll of 800 Iowans finds that 69 percent do not want internet gambling
The most recent regular state poll in Iowa, which sampled 800 adult Iowan opinions, has again delivered a vote against the introduction of online gambling in the state.
Politicians may be angling for legalised online poker  in the state, but the poll sample shows that 69 percent of residents are not in favour of internet gambling, with 28 percent positive about the pastime and 3 percent undecided.
The latest results showcase a small change from the previous survey back in February 2011, in which 73 percent expressed anti-online gambling sentiments.
Despite the popular opposition, a legislative effort is under way to legalise online poker in Iowa. A bill passed by a Senate sub-committee on Monday would allow casino operators in the state to set up online poker games, which would be regulated and taxed similarly to games at brick-and-mortar casinos.