Isildur1 Hits Daniel Negreanu for $150,000

Posted 3/21/11 : Enigmatuic Swede walks away with $150 000
Swedish online high stakes poker ace Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom drew first blood – and $150 000 – over the weekend in the first of two heads up challenges against Daniel Negreanu on the Pokerstars site in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown..
In just 1 440 hands the enigmatic young Swede crushed his high-profile opponent.
Negreanu's comment on Twitter summed up his disappointment: "This has been pretty disgusting so far. Can't imagine running any worse."
The Challenge between the two exciting players was originally planned to take place over two consecutive Sundays, March 20 and March 27, at 15:00 ET, with each player starting with $150 000 bankrolls, playing across four virtual tables at $50/$100 stakes, with a ceiling of 2 500 hands.
Earlier, there was speculation that a despondent Negreanu had been cleaned out and may not be able to make the second clash. However, he subsequently dispelled this, tweeting: “OK, officially shook off the loss. Back to the grind this week and a rematch with a fresh 150k next week.”