Phil Gordon seeking investors for his Jawfish social gaming project
Online and land poker ace Phil Gordon – who has a computer science background as well as being a formidable high stakes player – is looking for investors for his Jawfish project, a new online social gaming tournament platform, according to the publication Geek Wire.
Gordon’s new company, Washington state-based company Jawfish Games, recently landed $885,000 in seed capital from Right Side Capital and other angel investors. These funds will be used to build out Jawfish’s unique online gaming tournament platform, Geek Wire reports, noting that the first game, Word Joust, went live on Facebook a few weeks ago.
“We’re well on our way to proving that tournaments are sticky and fun for players,” said Gordon, adding that additional features and enhancements will be added to the game in about a week.
Gordon has enlisted some impressive and experienced executive firepower in his initiative, bringing on board one of Zynga's founders, Kyle Stewart, and Jon Mittelhauser – a founding engineer on the Netscape project.