Fiscal Committee Developed by Jdigital

Focus on establishing an attractive tax regime in the Spanish sector
Spanish digital games association Jdigital, headed by Sacha Michaud, have created a working group dubbed the Fiscal Committee whose focus will be on developing ideas and sharing knowledge with stakeholders regarding improving the stringent tax structure of 25 percent on net income that is applied to operators in the Spanish online gaming market.
The Committee will involve itself in meetings, debates and studies with private and public entities on the impact of the current taxation and its influence on the Spanish gaming industry.
"Since the creation of Jdigital we have shown our willingness to be proactive and work together to build a better policy framework for the industry.
"By creating this committee JDigital takes another step forward, facilitating the flow of knowledge in an area as important as the taxation of online gaming that has great relevance with regard to boosting growth of the sector," said Sacha Michaud, president of Jdigital.
An improved tax regime will improve competitiveness in the sector thereby boosting industry results to the benefit of all Central Government, consumers and business, Michaud believes.
JDigital champions a more attractive tax rate in Spain saying the current regime leads makes it difficult for operators to thrive in profitability.