John McCain Playing Poker During Syria Debate

Wednesday September 04,2013 :  POKER PLAYING U.S. SENATOR MAKES THE NEWS
John McCain seeks some light relief during Syria debate
Making almost as many headlines as the Syrian civil war itself Tuesday, U.S. Senator John McCain sought a little relief from the boredom of a three-and-a-half hour discussion by hauling out his iPhone and enjoying a little covert, play-for-fun online poker.
But an eagle-eyed Washington Post reporter spotted the McCain move during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing and took a picture, giving her newspaper a diverting story that certainly made the pages and video screens of most publications.
McCain made light of the issue on Twitter and in a brief interview with CNN, in which he admitted he had lost thousands of play-dollars whilst seeking a short break from the tedium of the long political discussion.
It wasn't long before industry experts studying the photograph came up with more detail, saying that it appeared that the app McCain was playing on was a product of TinyCo Inc.