Kambi Group Q2 2014

Wednesday August 6,2014 : WORLD CUP BENEFITS KAMBI GROUP
Maiden report shows good performance
Listed company Kambi Group plc posted strong inaugural Q2 and first half year 2014 results following its spin-off from the Unibet Group.
Key performance highlights for the second quarter include:
–   Revenue amounted to Euro 9.5 million (Q2/2013: Euro 4.8 million), up 97 percent.
–   Operating profit (EBIT) was Euro 0.8 million (Q2/2013: – Euro 3.5 million), with a margin of 9 percent (-73 percent).
–   Profit after Tax amounted to Euro 0.4 million (Q2/2013: Euro -3.4 million).
–   Earnings per share for the second quarter of 2014 were Euro 0.015 (Q2/2013: Euro -0.169).
Key performance highlights for the First Half Year 2014 include:
–   Revenue amounted to Euro 17.2 million (HY1/2013: Euro 9.4 million), up 84 percent
–   Operating profit (EBIT) of Euro 0.7 million (HY1/2013: Euro -7.4 million) with a margin of 4 percent (HY1/2013: -79 percent)
–   Profit after Tax amounted to Euro 0.0 (HY1/2013: Euro -7.1 million)
–   Earnings per share Euro 0.002 (HY1/2013: Euro -0.354)
–   Cash flow from operating and investing activities (excluding working capital) amounted to Euro 1.0 million (HY1/2013: Euro -4.4 million)
"The World Cup had a significant effect on the result and we saw new records in operator turnover and transactions. I am especially pleased with our fantastic offering and system stability during the World Cup, which gave our customers an excellent opportunity to gain market share," said chief executive officer Kristian Nylén.
During the quarter Kambi signed 32Red, NagaWorld and IveriaBet which launched prior to the commencement of the World Cup.  888 is set to launch its Kambi Sportsbook in Spain soon.