Wednesday July 4, 2012 : MAJHONG LOGIC SIGNS KING58
New Asian-facing licensee
Online mahjong software provider Mahjong Logic has announced its newest licensee as Asian operator King58
Mahjong Logic's turnkey offering will include a seamless wallet, single login across all products and a combined affiliate system.
Jonas Alm, chief executive officer of Mahjong Logic commented: "’s appetite for online mahjong reaffirms our belief that the game will only get larger with worldwide players increasing rapidly. 2012 is shaping up to be another banner year for our company.”
"Mahjong Logic has made our transition to online mahjong a very smooth one," said Collette Young, managing partner of “Our players will have an opportunity to seamlessly move in and out of online mahjong while still enjoying all the other key games we offer simultaneously. Our company is hopeful to help make online mahjong as popular throughout the world as online poker is today.”