More Layoffs At LadBrokes

Tuesday September 03,2013 :  MORE LAY-OFFS AT LADBROKES?
Arrangement with Playtech makes itself felt with second round of redundancies
The Ladbrokes shift to a closely integrated relationship with Playtech is believed to be responsible for the prospect of further job losses at the land and online gambling group's London office.
According to information surfacing Monday the group is planning a further round of 75 redundancies as consultations with staff in London start.
Restructuring at the troubled gambling house's three main locations will see the London operation concentrating heavily on sportsbook marketing, a source revealed.
Back in May this year the company let 100 employees go at its Harrow headquarters, casualties of a decision to transfer a number of roles to a new operation in Israel, set up as part of Ladbrokes agreement with gaming software developer Playtech .
In March 2013, Playtech and Ladbrokes finalised an agreement for the former to advise and assist the bookmaker with its lagging digital services for an initial period of five years.