Political Animals has attracted Ladbrokes as its main sponsor


Parliamentary Touch tournament made possible by sponsorship.

English rugby league football club (RLFC) Political Animals has attracted Ladbrokes as its main sponsor.

The club comprises British politicians, past, present and future, across all political groups and all levels who play a modified version of Rugby that allow players of all abilities and ages to take part in charitable and representative events.

Ladbrokes’ support has resulted in the inaugural Parliamentary Touch tournament set for kick-off in early September in which Parliamentary members will attempt a non-contact version of the game assisted by expert advice from rugby league "legends”.

“The support from Ladbrokes, who are already big supporters of rugby league, will allow us to do our bit to promote the sport as the U.K.'s politicians rugby league team,” Club Captain and Member of Parliament for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland MP said.

"This support will allow us to better connect with even more politicians in the U.K. and abroad to spread our passion for rugby league, allowing more people to experience the game, and to see what the game does for communities across the country."