Written 5.23.11 :

Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee progresses controversial betting measure
On-premises wireless wagering in Las Vegas moved a step closer Friday when the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee progressed a measure allowing operators of licensed land casino resorts to offer guests a mobile wagering facility restricted to the premises.
Companies like Cantor Gaming have been developing, testing and lobbying for the gambling extension for years.
The newspaper USA Today reports that the measure specifically lifts a ban on the use of mobile gambling devices inside hotel rooms.
The facility may not prove as popular as first thought; USA Today reports that a survey of guests conducted by Hotel Check-In asked a sample of 838 respondents "Should Nevada regulators allow gambling inside hotel rooms?"
The results were:
59 percent – No, there are enough options in the casino
30 percent – Yes, I want to gamble when and where I want
12 percent – Only if they can prevent underage gambling
Supporters of the measure say the hotel gambling devices have efficient identity verification systems in place to obviate the risk of underage gambling, an important precondition in all gambling expansion activities.
The bill, which if passed would still leave the final permission in the hands of the Nevada Gaming Commission, is generally supported by land casino operators in Nevada.