8 more arrested as gangs switch addresses across the island
Jamaica, long regarded as an epicentre for lottery fraud scams, usually on Americans via the internet, is turning out to be a dangerous environment for the fraudsters.
In the third announcement of raids and arrests in as many weeks the police have revealed that 8 persons were detained this week and luxury cars, jewellery, computers, televisions and cash to the value of $1.67 million seized.
A spokesman for the police Area One Lottery Scam Task Force revealed that raids in the Montego Bay area had resulted in some gangs switching residence to other parts of the island, only to find that police pressure was just as intense there, too.
It is understood that information recovered in earlier raids is enabling the police to identify and take down other gangs, with the police determined to stamp out lottery fraud activity on the Caribbean island.
With gangs trying to migrate to what they hope will be safer areas, the police are advising residents in communities across Jamaica to be on the lookout for these scammers and to desist from renting houses to them or assisting them in any way.