13 arrested in latest police actions against "mini" dual platform casinos.
Malaysian police in Maraudi have successfully carried out the latest raids in the current drive against illegal gambling, this time targeting dual-purpose "mini" land casinos that also offer online gambling services.
The night time raids involved members of the Sarawak provincial CID, police spokesman Chief SAC Dev Kumar Sree Shunmugam told local reporters, revealing that the raiding teams hit three mini casinos, arresting 13 people and seizing 16 computer sets, 37 tablets, 29 physical slot machines and two modified ‘fish gambling machines'.
The raids had shown that a new gambling trend was in play, the spokesman said, explaining that tables had been modified to offer online gambling and well as ‘player physically present' action.
"To the untrained eye, it looks just like an ordinary fish machine," he said. "It appears that operators are finding ingenious ways to continue operating cyber gambling in the state, considering the high stakes involved. From the high number of tablets seized in Maraudi, it is obvious that the operators are now providing hand-held devices for online gambling. These devices are cheap and concealable," he added.