Euro 4,583,260 jackpot Hit On Mega Fortune

Swedish player hits Euro 4,583,260 jackpot whilst on vacation.
A combination of vacation time and staying awake due to a new pet led to a Swedish online punter scoring a Euro 4,583,260 progressive jackpot on NetEnt's popular Mega Fortune slot last weekend.
Fifty-something player Agnetha from Gothenburg was on vacation but awake late at night due to a new puppy in the family when she hit the jackpot on a Euro 4.25 stake, playing on her iPad.
Having opened her casino account just days before, the major reward took her completely by surprise, especially since she had earlier scored a Euro 321 win.
"I was in total chock and so was my adult son,” Agentha said. “My only casino experience was from playing a little bit on the Gothenburg ferries so it took quite a while before I understood that I had won.
“I would have been super happy if I had won a half a million kronor but now I got so much more!" she said, adding that she was lying in bed playing on her iPad when she made the big win.
Agnetha says she will share her good fortune with two adult sons and other relatives, buy a new car and possibly do some travelling.