Research and Markets in new look at the marketplace
Research company Research and Markets has released a new study of the mobile gambling market titled Mobile Gambling: A Comprehensive Strategy and Market Review, which takes a comprehensive look at the mobile space from technological considerations to the market potential, with case studies on the key suppliers and operators who are making an impact in the sector.
"2012 is likely to be recognised as the year mobile gambling finally came of age. For many years, the platform was heralded as the ‘next big thing' – the future of gambling. Yet, results have fallen way short of the ambitious projections of a few years ago," a company spokesman said Thursday.
In 2005, Jupiter Research forecast that global mobile gambling services would generate revenues of more than $19.3 billion by 2009. Yet in 2010, Gartner analysts showed the 2009 revenue levels at $4.7 billion.
In the past few years, Juniper Research has found that growth has been in-line with expectations, notwithstanding the economic downturn. 
According to a February 2010 comScore MobiLens study smartphone subscribers are much more likely to play mobile casino games than subscribers of generic phones. The study revealed that 7.6% of smartphone subscribers but only 1.2% of generic mobile subscribers played mobile casino games within a three month time frame.