Slottery and Mobile Millions Launched By Cantor Gaming

Exclusive games feature an interesting twist on staple favourites
Cantor Gaming has announced the release of two new games to its Cantor Mobile Casino portfolio this week.
"Slottery" and "Mobile Millions" are new casino games made available to patrons of Colusa Casino Resort ("Colusa") in California. Colusa patrons can play both games on their mobile devices by downloading Cantor Gaming's Cantor Mobile Casino™ application.
Slottery combines elements of slot machines with the low-risk numerical odds concept used in playing KENO and features a progressive jackpot. Players can select their own numbers, or request a random pick. Players select five numbers between 1 and 24 per line, and can play up to three lines per game. This low-fee, rapid-results game gives players the opportunity to win up to $187,500.
Its second release titled "Mobile Millions" is a variation on the standard game of roulette with two additional side bets. Instead of one roulette wheel, there are five wheels and each wager offers "Mobile Millions™" players five times the chance of winning.  Mobile Millions progressive jackpot starts at $2.5 million.
"We are pleased to announce the release of this entertaining new game from our popular Cantor Mobile Casino™ platform that offers quick play with the opportunity to win big, and a progressive jackpot," said Lee M. Amaitis , President and chief executive officer of Cantor Gaming®.  "This exciting game [Slottery] features real-time, rapid fun, combining exciting rewards with the latest in mobile technology. We also believe "Mobile Millions" is one of our most exciting, innovative releases, offering players five roulette wheels instead of one, and multiple side bet options, offering high rewards and a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot."