New England Patriots and DraftKings in Deal

Sunday October 19,2014 :  N.F.L. TEAM IN FANTASY SPORTS DEAL
New England Patriots and DraftKings get it together.
A top US National Football League team has developed links with the burgeoning fantasy sports industry with a deal between the New England Patriots and Boston-based DraftKings.
A spokesman for the fantasy sports provider said Friday that the partnership agreement is the first of any professional football team in the booming daily fantasy sports sector.
DraftKings will receive enhanced public exposure through the prominent LED display of its brand at the football club's Gillette Stadium, and its publicity content will appear on the Patriots’ social media accounts, newsletter and “Tip of the Week” on the team’s official website.
Paul Liberman, marketing exec at the fantasy sports company said:
“DraftKings is incredibly proud to associate ourselves with the New England Patriots, one of the league’s most successful franchises, right here in our backyard.
”The Patriots are one of the league’s model franchises and we are pleased to align ourselves with them.  We look forward to bringing the excitement of daily fantasy sports into the game-day experience.”
The Patriot's deal with DraftKings comes just days after the news that HotBox Sports and the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team had inked a fantasy sports sponsorship