New Merge Poker Features

Thursday June 7, 2012 : What are some of the new features for 6.0?

Filters – The 6.0 client will now have two dedicated ways to filter the game list to your liking.

New Search Field – We will be implementing a new search field in the new 6.0 client that will allow players to search a number of new variables. Some of these new options include searching specific table names, tournaments and tournament ID's, player nicknames, player tags and even player notes you have created.

Game List Expanders –  6.0 will now offer players the ability their game selection from the game list.

Timezones – The new 6.0 software will give players the ability to set their local timezone as appose to using the client server time.

Table Stats – 6.0 will now feature a dedicated window just for table stats.

New Tournament Lobby – A detailed tournament lobby page will be available for every tournament in the client with new 6.0 software.

Tiling & Cascading Tables – Both view modes will be available for laying out your multiple tables.

Custom Player Boxes – 6.0 will give you the ability to fully customize the display of any player box at the table.

Table Resizing – With this new feature you will have full control over the scaling of important information by either increasing or decreasing the table size.