New Gambling Concept One in a Million

Posted 3/8/11 : Innovator claims his player2player ‘One in a Million’ is a sound bet
Gamblers are now looking for player vs player scenarios but want something more than unimaginative variants of Bingo, Poker, Online Roulette and Casino says Andrew Denbigh, CEO of new arrival One in a Million Gaming Limited.
The erstwhile recruitment exec is confident that he has the answer – a game which he boasts has the best odds for winning online, and meets the stringent requirements of the UK Gambling Commission.
Denbigh launched the game this weekend, describing it as a player vs player competition with a big money jackpot. The total prize pools paid out after each game are GBP10,000, GBP100,000 and GBP 1miliion, he says…and users control the game and decide on the level of risk they take.
‘One in a Million' is based on a virtual auditorium in which players buy seats. Each seat has a value varying from 1p to GBP1, dependent upon the game prize pool selected.
Once play starts a number of random elimination rounds take place. After each round the value of the remaining seats increases. The player has to decide between each elimination round whether now is the right time to collect or if they should continue to the next round for a bigger reward.