Argentinean football club’s the initial target.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform provider Oulala has partnered Argentine entrepreneur Sebastian Pino in a bid to obtain a foothold in the Latin American market.

Oulala will present its White Label Affiliation Partnership to “top major clubs” as it seeks relationships similar to the one it currently holds with Leicester City .

 The group said it will initially target Argentinean football clubs, which include Boca Juniors, River Plate, San Lorenzo de Almagro, Racing Club, Club Atlético Independiente and Rosario Central, but that its interests also extend to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Fantasy sports are unregulated in Argentina, and the country has a huge fantasy sports fan base for football, Pino commented in a press statement.  An estimated 90% of Argentines consider themselves fans of a football club, making it a hotspot for DFS.”

Pino, who’s interests also reportedly lie in financial markets and professional sports, is bullish on the prospects of DFS in Argentina, estimating there to be around 2 million people who have already played the vertical.