Overwatch is rapidly gaining favour in the eSports sector

Launched in March this year, this game already has 15 million players.
Blizzards first person shooter video game Overwatch is rapidly gaining favour in the eSports sector and has reportedly already attracted 15 million players since its launch in March this year.
Many eSports fans are attracted to the game by its fantastical nature, unpredictability and dynamic nature…qualities that also make it an attractive betting proposition.
UltraPlay was among the first to see Overwatch betting opportunities, creating a dedicated trading team which specialises in the game and makes wagering on it available through the companys Playfiniti platform.
The company claims it is the first data feed provider to include the game in its offer, with CEO Dariy Margaritov, explaining: "We’ve had early access to the game and our teams have been working relentlessly to produce this new and exciting opportunity for our clients”.
UltraPlays eSports head, Peter Ivanov, said recently: “Following the competitive scene, working closely with the largest tournaments and analysing the whole game gave us the confidence in kicking-off the first Live-traded Overwatch matches.”
Youtube is carrying an interesting vid on the development of Overwatch, which can be accessed here: