PaddyPower Donald Trump Ad

This time Donald Trumps nether regions are the target.
The marketers at Paddy Power are up to their controversial guerrilla marketing tricks again, announcing Thursday that their next target to get the publics attention is US presidential contender Donald Trump and the size of his private bits.
The idea for the campaign came from not always mature comments by various competitors in the fight to determine who the Republican presidential candidate will be.
Paddy Power marketers have turned the concept into a rather unusual betting market based on various lengths, with a 4 incher at long odds of 50/1; a 7.01 to 8 inches at 11/4 odds; but a 9.01 inches or larger "Bushwhacker" at 3/1 odds.
The devil is in the detail – it requires two unlikely components in order to be ruled as “action”…. Trump must be exposed (pun-ish hanging chad language is used) and an independent measurement made.
US punters are excluded from betting, which has a deadline of June 30.