Friday August 26,2011 :  Player resistance causes rethink
Party Poker's plans to change the rake formula announced mid-week  came under immediate attack by unhappy players and has reportedly been put on hold whilst the company reconsiders the implications.
The policy change proposed by Party Poker indicated an intention to move to weighted contributed rake from the present dealt rake structure.
In a brief statement this week the online poker operator acknowledged adverse player feedback and promised a decision soon on excluding $3/6 and $5/10 NL hands from the changes.
Players pointed out that such a change would prejudice disciplined and tight players compared to looser playing recreational players, and claimed that the proposed new method offers bigger rewards for the more active players who generate greater rake for the site.
A number of players across the poker message boards actively discussed boycotting Party Poker, estimating that the operator would benefit to the tune of 45 percent more rake at $3/$6 and 63 percent more at $5/$10.