Phil Ivey will appeal UK Court in the Crockfords Ruling

Thursday November 6,2014 :  IVEY TO APPEAL CROCKFORDS RULING (Update)
Edge sorting does not constitute cheating, poker pro maintains
Professional gambler and poker player Phil Ivey will appeal UK Court Justice Mitting's ruling in the Crockfords Casino edge sorting case.
Ivey, who won GBP 7.8 million from the upmarket venue, candidly admitted in court to using a card edge sorting technique that he felt was legitimate.
A quote from Ivey's legal representative Matthew Dowd of Archerfield Partners LLP said:
"I can confirm that Phil Ivey filed papers at the Court of Appeal last week. Phil is seeking to appeal the decision on the basis that the Judge was incorrect in both fact and law to conclude that ‘edge sorting' was cheating, particularly in circumstances where the Judge made it very clear in his judgment that he considered Phil to be a truthful witness and that he accepted that Phil genuinely believes that his actions during the game at Crockfords did not constitute cheating."
Ivey still faces a case in Atlantic City brought by the Borgata.  The Casino is suing Ivey for the return of $9.6 million which he won using the same edge sorting method.