Pinnacle Voluntary surrender of Alderney license

Voluntary surrender of licence believed to be rooted in Colbert case readers may recall the case last year in which the then sportsbook director of Cantor Gaming, Michael Colbert, and others fell afoul of New York enforcement authorities investigating alleged online sports book gambling-related offences that named online sportsbook operator Pinnacle Sports.
The charges have yet to be heard in court (due April 17) but the incident is believed to have triggered an enquiry by Pinnacle’s licensing authority, the Channel Isles-based Alderney Gaming Control Commission, which announced that it was investigating Pinnacle Sports Europe Ltd. "….to ensure that the licensee is operating in accordance with approved operating procedures.”
Whether that investigation continues is unknown, but the reliable sports betting information site Bookmakers Review reports that in January this year Pinnacle quietly surrendered its AGCC licence, with neither organisation making any public statements on the reasons behind what appears to be the abandonment of the licence.