PKR’s latest advertisements reminds players of why they play

Written On 4/14/11  By staff writer Emily Apontif :

PKR's latest advertisements reminds players of why they play
The 3D online poker room has launched its latest print advertising campaign in Europe, going back to basics to remind punters of why they play the game…for fun.
Designed to go against the grain of ‘standard poker advertising’, the new PKR concept sees the company focus on fun side of the game, using a vibrant look and feel, and playful messaging.
The use of simple graphical emotes that will be instantly recognisable to any poker player underscore PKR’s unique market position as the poker room that allows players to express themselves. Used within the online version of the game, these ‘emotes’ allow players to interact with each other’s avatars.
Media manager Colin Morris said, “A lot of poker advertising makes poker look really dull and complex – we wanted to remind people that poker is fun. After all, that’s why we all started to play."
The new range of adverts went out in a range of titles at the beginning of May and some of the publications where the material can be found include Poker Pro Europe, Poker VIP, Poker 52, WPT Poker, and Poker Player.