02/27/2012 : Responsible gambling solution receives two standards certifications
The World Lottery Association (WLA) has accredited Svenska Spel subsidiary’s online responsible gambling solution PlayScan (previously named Spelkoll).
PlayScan is owned by the Swedish gaming monopoly and was developed by the company in 2007 in partnership with ICU Intelligence and the Swedish Gaming Institute.
The software has met all the requirements according to the World Lottery Association and satisfies the requirements of the ISO 27001:2005 standard as well as 96 additional security requirements set forth by the WLA, which include 72 lottery-specific requirements.
“The WLA – and ISO-certifications show that we fulfill those requirements that the gambling industry has set regarding security and high level of control. It is very important for us to fulfill those specifications, so that our clients are aware that we deliver trusty and compliant solutions and services. The WLA certification shows that Playscan AB is a trustworthy supplier from a security perspective," said Ann-Sofie Olsson, chief executive officer Playscan AB. “