Another play-for-fun poker app with social gaming connections

Another play-for-fun poker app with social gaming connections
Baltimore-based social gaming developer PlayScreen LLC's newly launched PlayScreen Poker iOS app has been designed to cater for poker players of all levels.
The online, play-for-fun poker game has added social gaming aspects such as achievements, skills and virtual objects and allows players to manage their poker careers.
The first release employs Retina Display for the iPhone with iPad, Web and Android versions currently in development.
PlayScreen Poker employs Facebook Connect and Apple Game Center, enabling players to log on with their Facebook and/or Game Center accounts and the app, available at the Apple App Store, is free.
"The best way to get better at poker is to play it often and challenge yourself to improve. PlayScreen Poker is going to give you the opportunity to do just that," said PlayScreen chief executive officer John Byrne.
Other features include:
–     Play online or offline in practice mode.
–     Play live against players around the world
–     Invite Facebook and/or Game Center friends to a table, with up to nine players at a time
–    Career features
–     Social features allow the player to invite friends, create groups and share achievements.
–     Connect to friends via Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages.
–     Provides stats with detailed charts and analysis designed to improve players poker skills
–     Access to in-game poker tips that can help by communicating different strategies and what to look for to help players improve their ability
–     Players can acquire chips via play, achievements and other opportunities
–     All players are given $20 000 in chips on signing up
–     Free chips are given to players on a daily basis