Poker-Edge Stops Pokerstars Datamining

Data-mining appears to have become dangerous…
Under the threat of legal action last week data-mining company Poker Table Ratings dropped stats from the giant online poker operator Pokerstars  and this week a similar site, Poker-Edge, has followed suit.
The companies have in the past made a business of selling data from poker operators to players looking for an advantage.
On Wednesday it appeared that PokerStars has also been removed from the list of supported poker rooms on Poker-Edge, an occurrence that sparked speculation that they, too may be running scared.
Pokerstars is clearly aware of Poker-Edge and its activities, having black-listed the company and its software.
Some say that Poker-Edge has been behaving in a provocative fashion regarding Pokerstars, continuing to provide data that Pokerstars claims is its own, and presenting a forum that discusses how players can circumvent Pokerstars defensive systems designed to flag Poker-Edge incursions.
Whether Pokerstars, as the biggest operator in the business, will be content with stopping PTR and P-E in their tracks remains to be seen.  There are other companies engaged in similar activities, and no doubt the owners will now be looking nervously over their shoulders for the poker giant's next move.